Microseismic Monitoring of the Engineered Environment


ASC specialises in providing microseismic monitoring of rock masses and concrete structures, particularly applied to Petroleum, Shale Gas, Geothermal Energy, Mining, Radioactive Waste storage, Carbon Dioxide storage, Civil Engineering and Laboratory Testing industries.

Services are targeted at supplying an integrated work package along the full data path through sensor array design, data acquisition, processing and interpretation. ASC works at all scales; from laboratory and acoustic emissions monitoring to regional seismic monitoring.

ASC is part of IMaGE, Itasca Microseismic & Geomechanical Evaluation, combining microseismic excellence with state-of-the-art geomechanical simulations, offering a new standard in engineering hydraulic fracture treatments for unconventional reservoirs.

Microseismic and Acoustic Emission Processing Software

ASC's software, InSite, provides an integrated tool for seismic processing, data management and visualisation. Developed over more than 15 years as a complete software solution for ASC’s consulting operations InSite is now used by many international organisations for in-house processing and management of seismic data.

ASC also provides custom software solutions for specialized data acquisition and processing of their clients' data.